The road to recovery

Posted: March 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

It’s been a rough month, but yesterday I had a Doctor’s appointment and noticed the progress! I went two weeks with crutches before the rain was so bad that they actually MADE me slip a couple times. It takes some getting used to when you walk as slow as a snail, but you notice so much more and meet a lot of great people!

I took two weeks off work. I couldn’t chase after anyone, especially toddlers that climb furniture, if my life depended on it.

I officially do NOT need physical therapy (which I think is due to all the training I was doing beforehand- the surrounding muscles are strong) and I do not need to wear a brace at night. Huge relief. Not only did I not need surgery but I was already starting to dread the rehab copays. Medical debt is a slippery slope and I did not want to get back into that.

I still plan on running the San Francisco Marathon this summer! My Doctor was actually shocked that I had been wearing the brace 24/7 and not trying to run. Really? But I should be in good shape. I put Amy in swimming at a local heated pool (actually a handicap one) and it’s been a dream forgetting about it for an hour while I’m there. What was really important is once I stopped using crutches I needed to be careful not LIMPING as that can cause damage to your hips and other knee.

It’s my spring break and I considered getting a wheelchair for the airport.. but the only hard part was remembering to take off my brace during the x-ray 🙂 and of course did not wear it at the beach- I didn’t need that tan!


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