Posted: March 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

I had a wonderful family vacation to Lake Tahoe, CA and went skiing this weekend! I even got to watch my daughter ski, so hilarious scooting herself about. Truly it was great… until I decided to go to the top of Squaw Valley. Making my way down (in a time crunch) I came around a narrow, populated turn and my ski became buried barely on the side of the run and twisted my knee. Screaming and withering in pain my brother and some amazing other helped steer traffic away for me and flagged down a ski patrol team. There was a private hospital at the base and after poking and prodding, an x-ray and two hours later it was confirmed that I did NOT have a break but a grade 2 tear of my MCL and a chance my ACL as well. Great.

On with crutches, I joined my family and we continued to my mom’s freind’s 50th birthday celebration. Surprisingly many of the guests gave a familiar look to my injury and sat down with me to explain their ski accidents. All ACL or MCL related. It made me think about a possible trend. We had all been using rentals and found it difficult to “click” into our bindings. The force it takes to “click” into your bindings really means it will take that amount of force to …get out. Thus, my bindings did not set me free and I turned into a twisting snowball. Next time I ski I will buy my own skis and have them professionally fitted.

My Doctor back in Francisco, knee specialist for The San Francisco Ballet, said it was in fact an MCL tear, no ACL, and that I would need to wear my new brace 24/7 for the next month, then during the day for another month. No surgery needed!!!

So I will rest 🙂


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