Posted: January 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Why can’t my body keep up!

I was so excited for my run today. Not only did I have a long week but when I mentioned the run to Amy she said, “Yay! Are we going to get sweaty??!” All she needs is some pom poms right?

I had two knee surgeries on my right knee in high school.. it took me 5 years before I felt I could run again! Amy and I were doing our long Saturday run today when, at mile 8, I noticed my pace was … let’s just say ridiculous! Another half mile and it felt like lead. I stopped and OUCH! Needless to say, I was, of course, 3 miles from my car and it was getting cold. Poor Amy! I gave her my jacket, called my mom and we limped in the direction of the car. I’m listening!! Hot bath tonight, body, and some frozen peas. : )

*Update: This morning I can walk with no pain!! A little stiff but I think we are good. No running over a mile for a week.*


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