Posted: December 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Happy Holidays! I hope everyone had a great one! I adapted my schedule this week because I am doing my 10 miles this week and I have my first race on New Years Day… so they needed some spacing out. The key word I am going to keep in mind while running is: Listen. I did not do that in the past, but pushed myself too hard…  and led to my knee surgeries. I need to listen to my body and adapt goals. I don’t need to run continuously. I don’t need to run a certain pace and I certainly don’t need to keep moving if my knee starts to hurt. I’ve given myself a 30 second guideline. If my knee (or any other part of my body) hurt for more than 30 seconds then it’s time to slow down to a comfortable speed.

I was so excited to get a couple things that I thought would be great for my running. My father got me a Red Safety Light that I can wear while I’m running in the dark as well as a iPhone Armband (because I usually just hold it lol).  I bought a bright green running Jacket to help me stand out a little better too. My splurge was actually some compression recovery socks, which promote circulation after a workout. I have read they are better for the recovery afterwards and don’t really do anything while you are running. But I suppose after running the last thing you want to do is try and pull these on over your sweaty legs. Just sayin’.

I found this article (Runnersworld) hilarious and this one (Running Times) a little more informative.


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